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A conservatory can be whatever you want it to be... a dining room, a music room, or even an extension to your kitchen. As a room ‘in the garden’ the natural light creates a unique atmosphere, the airy openness gives a feeling of space and freedom.

As you read through our website, we hope you'll acknowledge that POSH goes to great lengths to ensure each conservatory is individually designed and that no two conservatories are the same.

This means we are happy to build a substantial pavilion conservatory to a modern home or a small lean-to on a listed cottage.

If you do not see the conservatory you are looking for in this website, it might mean that our designers have not yet created it - or we did not use these photos.

We take care to consider all aspects of the conservatory, how it will fit on to your existing home, accommodate your furniture and provide you with valuable additional space.

Timber or PVCu

Both materials have distinct advantages, though cost may be the deciding factor.

A PVCu conservatory costs less than one in timber and other than occasional cleaning; its weather resistant qualities make it maintenance-free.

Where a conservatory will adjoin a listed building or one of architectural interest, PVCu may be deemed inappropriate, whereas a timber conservatory on the other hand, blends well against any type of building - a look which can only be achieved by using a natural material. Hardwood conservatories do require periodic staining or painting, this will however, restore the timber’s good looks and preserve it for many years.

Colour Guides

Traditional Wood Colours

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PVCu Colours


Specialists in Hardwood

All POSH hardwood conservatories are finished and protected under ideal spray shop conditions before reaching their final destination. A base coat primer is first applied which provides an ideal bond to three coats of specially formulated microporous paint which are applied to all of the main internal and external surfaces of the conservatory.

This ensures a far longer life than ordinary painting methods and a POSH conservatory should only need re-painting at between five and eight year intervals, dependent on the depth of colour selected and where your conservatory is sited. A wide choice of colours are available.

POSH build architecturally correct conservatories that comply with building regulations. Structural posts are used between the frames, to ensure the conservatory is able to withstand gale force winds. Buying a POSH conservatory guarantees peace of mind and is a sound long-term investment.

Using Digital technology we are able to show how your conservatory will look when it adjoins your home. The photograph of your home is used as a backdrop upon which the image of your chosen style of conservatory is overlaid. The image of your house with conservatory added can then be shown on screen. You will be able to see the effect of colours, special glass and building work, even internal effects can be added. Once the design is finalised to your satisfaction a colour print will be produced showing a lifelike representation.

POSH then produces architectural drawings to give an accurate representation of the suggested conservatory design and to give you a choice of alternative aspects. This helps address any concerns you may have about the best conservatory design for your home and eliminates the possibility of choosing unwisely.

Whether buying a hardwood conservatory or PVCu conservatory, a large part of your investment will go into the preparation of the foundations and brickwork.

To ensure your bespoke conservatory meets the standards demanded by local government building control, under normal ground conditions, POSH Windows & Conservatories always excavates footings to a depth of 1 metre.

The position of your conservatory will have an important bearing on the internal temperature. Our aim is to make sure that your bespoke conservatory will be comfortable to use all year round.

Heating, cooling and ventilation are essential considerations. In winter a conservatory can become too cold for comfort and extending the existing central heating system should be considered as this may be the most practical solution. Electric convector heaters can also provide instant heating options and under floor heating is a space saving and efficient alternative.

Climate-controlled air conditioning can prove a worthwhile investment. Roof blinds which reduce heat and glare from direct sunlight will also help to keep your conservatory cool in summer and might be essential depending on where your conservatory is positioned.

Aluminium Conservatories

As our knowledge base and technology advances, so too does the specification of Aluminium as a building material particularly in the construction of conservatories. So much so has the specification of Aluminium improved that is now officially titled "New Generation Aluminium". Visually and from a security and durability perspective some would argue that there is nothing to beat it.

Aluminium is extremely strong; its strength is best demonstrated by the fact that conservatory profiles do not require additional reinforcement. Door and window locks are only as secure as the material they are housed in and New Generation Aluminium is very strong therefore security is greatly enhanced. Another bonus to choosing an Aluminium conservatory is that extremes of weather have little or no effect on the frames.

Available in a wide range of colours with specialised protective finishes that never fade in the sun your Van Dukes Aluminium conservatory will stay as good and attractive as the day the installation was completed.

These state of the art technological features combined with a totally bespoke solution make for an unbeatable conservatory option that will set you apart from the crowd.