Whilst looking to purchase one of our leading steam generators, it's essential to specify the size of the room and its volume. Our generators are perfect for use in bathrooms, adapted shower cubicles or for a new dedicated steam room. Whilst the project is easily overcomplicated and easier than meets the eye, there are some factors that must be taken into account to ensure a perfect home spa retreat

To help guide you, we've created this simple steam room generator size calculator. Simply input your room dimensions, fill out the specification fields, and hit the "Calculate" button

A new tab will then open to the suggested steam generator option that should be best suitable for you project

Steam Room Generator Size Calculator Guide

Simply fill out the form below to be given guidance on the size of generator required for your room

Enter 235cm as 2.35
Enter 235cm as 2.35
Enter 235cm as 2.35


The guideline for selecting the steam generator is a recommendation only. Because of variables in construction, this sizing calculator should be considered as a guideline only. We are not liable or responsible for claims relating to the incorrect sizing of any model selected