Here is a quick guide to some of the key features and benefits of the products we sell.

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FastStart Steam Generator/Quickstart 2.8KW Steam Function

Exactly what its name suggests, it gets you lots of steam, very quickly, so you don’t have to hang about for ages waiting to enjoy your steam sauna.


Monsoon Rain Shower

The main shower in any modern steam shower will typically be a monsoon rain shower.  This is a shower that is capable of delivering a very large flow of water via an oversized showerhead offering the user a complete and thorough drenching.


Thermostatic Shower Valve/Mixer Valve

The temperature of the water which flows into a shower can be influenced by various factors, especially what other people around you are doing (and not necessarily just people in your home flushing toilets or running taps).

A manual shower valve or mixer valve simply mixes the ratios of the hot and cold going to the valve, this means that whenever the temperature of the hot water going to the shower changes or worse still, the cold water cuts out completely, the valve makes no allowances for this, which can lead to all the imaginable issues.

However, with modern-day combi boilers and water systems, this is much less of a concern than times gone, though scalding and being welcomed with freezing cold water whilst you have shampoo in your eyes can be a possibility.

A thermostatic shower valve, by contrast, will regulate the temperature for you, so it stays constant. Measuring the hot and cold and making allowances if once disappears or changes a thermostatic valve can make life much more pleasant and safer.


Multi-spray/Single spray massage jets

A term that covers both whirlpool jets and Airspa jets but mainly is used to describe the body massage jets on the shower cabins. These jets are best enjoyed up close while sitting on a stool or flip-down seat and offer a good level of massage to the user.


Ozone Cleaning

The simple explanation - ozone cleaning is a very effective means of thoroughly sanitizing any area where moisture is present and is particularly good at neutralizing odours.

The science - oxygen is an element, O, but oxygen atoms are unlikely to be found on their own.  Instead, they are more likely to make up molecules of pure oxygen (O2) or ozone (O3).  Pure oxygen molecules tend to be very stable but ozone molecules are not.

In fact, as soon as an ozone molecule encounters another molecule, it tends to split up with one oxygen molecule joining the “foreign” molecule to create a new substance through the process of oxidization, while the other two molecules form a more stable bond.  Ozone cleaning simply takes advantage of this natural process and this kills off bacteria that can occur inside a moist environment


Touch Screen Control Panel

The advanced features of modern steam showers are operated by means of a control panel, which looks rather like a (very elegant) touch phone and is very intuitive to use.  That’s why it’s located towards the top of the central column, thereby keeping it out of the way of curious little hands.



A form of technology that allows devices to be “paired” together.  It is standard on smartphones and tablets and so having a Bluetooth-enabled shower (with a speaker system) allows you to play your own choice of audio while you’re in the shower.

(Bonus trivia for the pub quiz: Bluetooth is named after Harald Blaatand, a 10th-century monarch who did a very effective job of uniting Denmark, Norway and parts of what is now Sweden.  It is believed that his nickname came from the fact that he had a dead tooth that literally looked blue.)



Chromotherapy Lights

Does reading this make you see red or feel blue or are you happy in pink?  We hate to use cliches but if you think about some common expressions, you’ll realise that most people know the strong link between colours and mood long before science caught on to it.

Businesses certainly recognised it, which is why many companies, large and small, place great emphasis on using the right colours to represent their brand. Without us even discussing light healing on other medical practices, Chromotherapy or 'light therapy' is widely used in many forms.

Chromotherapy lights are basically LED lights that can be set to your choice of colour or left to scroll through each.

Colour therapy works by ‘topping up’ the light via the full spectrum of visible light, each colour concentrating on a different area of your well-being.

Red is believed to increase the pulse, raise blood pressure and increase the rate of breathing. Red would be applied to support circulatory and nervous functions.

Pink acts as a cleanser, strengthening veins and arteries. Pink activates and eliminates impurities in the bloodstream.

Orange activates and eliminates localised fat. Assists with asthma and bronchitis.

Yellow has been used to purify the skin, help with indigestion, strengthen the nervous system, treat glandular diseases, hepatitis and lymphatic disorders and assist metabolism. Yellow strengthens the body and activates internal tissues.

Green is associated with harmony, provides a neutral, positive calming effect. Green provides anti-infectious, anti-septic and regenerative stimulation.

Blue promotes relaxation and calm, has tranquillizing qualities often used to relieve headaches and migraines, colds, stress, nervous tension, rheumatism, stomach pains, muscle cramps and liver disorders. Blue is thought to have a positive effect on all kinds of pain.

Purple is used to address conditions involving the eyes, ears and nose. It has a calming, sedative effect. Purple is used to calm the nervous system, soothe organs and relax muscles and has meditative qualities. Often used to treat conditions of the lymphatic system and spleen, as well as urinary disorders and psychosis.


Flip-Down Seat Vs Shower Stool

Flip-down seats are the sorts of seats you often see on public transport or “cabin seats” for aircrew.  You literally push them down when you want to use them and when you get up again they automatically flip upright again. Although they do take up some space inside the cabin they are on offer immediately when required.

Shower stools are stools that are designed to be used in a shower (i.e. waterproof and rot proof).  They do take up more space than flip-down seats but they are also more versatile.  Not only can you use them in the shower to sit at your desired location facing the direction of your choice, you can also use them as general seating in the bathroom or elsewhere or completely remove them from the shower if you're not using the steam function or body jets


Aromatherapy function

Steam showers that support aromatherapy allow you to add essential oils to your steam treatment via the steam outlet.  You may wish to do this to treat a specific medical condition (such as using menthol oils to clear a stuffy nose) or so that their fragrance will help to invoke a specific ambience (such as relaxation). 

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Colours Options

Even though there’s a lot to be said for white appliances, Manufacturers recognise that some people may prefer to brighten up their bathroom with a pop of colour and so offer a range of shower back panels featuring different colour, which act in much the same way as a feature wall in a room.

Airspa Jets v Whirlpool Jets

There are basically two forms of hydrotherapy jets.  One form uses jets of air and the other form uses jets of water.  Although, strictly speaking, only the latter are whirlpool baths, while the former are air baths, in reality, the term “whirlpool bath” (or Jacuzzi, which is a specific brand of whirlpool bath) is often used to describe any hydrotherapy bath.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to check the specifications to see what type of jets are actually being used in any bath you are considering purchasing.

In general terms, neither form of a jet is better or worse than the other, however, water jets tend to give a much more intense massage than air jets. They may, therefore, be the better choice if you have a specific medical condition which responds particularly well to hydrotherapy massage.

On the other hand, if you’re main aim is relaxation and/or gentle treatment for certain medical conditions (such as poor circulation) then air jets may be the better choice.

Some manufacturers actually offer both via an Air/water ration mixing function

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Hydrotherapy Jets

A term that covers both whirlpool jets and Airspa jets.


Hand Shower

Although the term “hand shower” might make you think of old-fashioned, over-bath showers, in actual fact the hand showers in modern steam showers are actually very good showers in their own right and, in principle, could be used as main showers, although it’s more common to use the monsoon shower as the main shower and keep the hand shower for quick cleaning jobs or for when you want to shower without wetting your hair


Extractor Fan

The benefit of an extractor fan is that it helps to clear the steam from your shower more quickly. This is essential for clearing the steam from the cabin if you're just having a shower and the shower cabin has a roof


Safety Glass

Safety glass is simply glass that is created to be less likely to break and/or is less likely to prove a hazard if it is broken. Rather than breaking into large shards capable of delivering large cuts, if broken, the glass will shatter into thousands and thousands of tiny pieces that while they can cause minor cuts and grazes could never put you in A&E


Remote Contol

Operate all the showers electric functions from outside the shower, easily, at the touch of a button. Brilliant for listening to the radio while in the bathroom and starting the steam function going while you get ready without the need to open the shower doors