Your feet work hard.  They literally take a pounding every single day.  Investing in a foot spa machine is a great way to show them some love and can also have major health benefits.

Benefits of foot spas

Here is a quick guide to the main benefits of using a foot spa machine.

Best Foot Spa Machine Guide

A foot spa machine can boost circulation

Any form of massage (if done well), helps to stimulate the circulation, thus speeding along the delivery of nutrients and the removal of toxins.  Foot massage is particularly effective since it works on what, in this context, is the most problematic area of the body.  Basically, the force of gravity makes it relatively easy for blood to get into the feet, but much harder for it to get out, especially in colder weather when blood vessels contract and shrink into our core body.  This can be uncomfortable for many people and can be particularly bad for the elderly.

A foot spa machine can help relieve aches and pains, including arthritic inflammation

Just as poor circulation can lead to or exacerbate problems, so good circulation can help to relieve them.  Additionally, the heat works to relax the muscles, thus relieving pain and promoting flexibility.


A foot spa machine can improve general foot health

In principle, we can all give our feet a good deep clean in the bath or shower.  In practice, if we’re honest, most of us are just going to give them a quick once over to do the job, precisely because they are so hard to reach comfortably.  This difficulty generally becomes more and more of an issue as we age.  Using a foot spa machine can get around this problem.  In particular, it can soothe dry skin, make it easier to trim nails (reducing the chance of ingrowing toenails), reduce the likelihood of callouses and make it easier to remove any that appear.

A foot spa machine can promote relaxation

In today's, “always-on” world, the time spent using a foot spa machine can be very precious “me time” with significant benefits for our mental and emotional wellness - especially if you disconnect from your devices.  For the sake of completeness, even if you’re usually very ticklish, you will generally find using a foot spa machine to be a relaxing experience.  It may take you some time to acclimatize but most people adapt very easily.

Tips on using a foot spa machine

First of all, at the risk of stating the obvious, only ever buy a foot spa machine from a reputable retailer.  These are not only electric devices, they are electric devices which hold water.

Always place your foot spa machine on a firm surface.  In principle, a hard floor is better than carpets and rugs.  In practice, if you do put your foot spa machine on a soft floor, then be aware that there may be some splashing and, if necessary, take precautions to protect your textiles.

Use a chair in which you can comfortably sit in a fairly upright position (so you can keep your feet flat on the tub base).  An upholstered dining chair may be a better choice than a deep armchair or couch.


Respect the minimum and maximum water levels.  They are there for a reason.  Only use spas when they have water in them (unless the manufacturer specifically advises they can be used empty).

Check if your particular foot spa machine supports the use of products such as essential oils, soaks and salts.  Most do, but it’s not guaranteed.

Respect any advised time limits, as with water levels, they are there for a reason.

Always turn off the foot spa machine before you remove the water (unless the manufacturer explicitly says otherwise, which is highly unlikely).  It is very much advised to clean your foot spa machine after each use and to dry it thoroughly before storing it again.

Best foot spa machine review UK

We’ve chosen a range of foot spa machines to suit all budgets and needs.  The foot spa machines in our list have all been chosen for the overall value they offer.  All our picks are available on the UK market.

ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Massager


The Acevivi foot spa machine has a lot of functionality, so it’s just as well that the control panel is relatively large, clear and intuitive.  In addition to the standard bubbles, you also get an electric massage roller, an auto-rotating pedicure stone and a pebble-rolling auto-massage.  On a more practical note, there is also an infra-red heating function.

There are three power settings, 300W, 400W and 500W.  Generally, you would use the highest setting to heat up the Acevivi foot spa machine and then lower the power to maintain the temperature.  Speaking of temperature, you have a selection of five different levels from 35 - 48 °C.  The timer runs between 10 and 60 minutes.

Although the Acevivi foot spa machine has to be relatively big to contain this functionality, it’s also relatively light and it has integrated wheels, which make it even easier to move, you just roll it along the ground.  There is also a handy drain, which allows you to empty the water straight from the base.  In other words, it saves you the effort of having to hold the weight of the foot spa machine as the water pours out.  There is also a sturdy handle which sits discretely flush with the main bowl, along with a useful dust cover.

It has to be said that the Acevivi foot spa machine is a bit noisy when you’re using the massage functions, so if you want to listen to music then headphones are a good idea.  It is, however, nothing drastic and the heating process is perfectly quiet.

ANCHEER Foot Spa Bath Massager


The Ancheer foot spa machine has bubbles, a shiatsu roller, side- and sole-scraping and a health foot medicine box.  This last is basically a place to put products such as salts so that any undissolved residue can be easily removed.  There are also two infra-red heating lights.  The bubble jets aren’t the strongest around, but they’re still pretty decent, but the massage functions are pretty thorough.  Obviously, they don’t have the same strength as a human massage therapist, but for a foot spa machine, they are very decent indeed.

There are three power settings, 300W, 400W and 500W.  As usual, the idea is that you use the highest setting to heat the Ancheer foot spa machine and then lower the power to maintain the temperature.  The temperature levels run from 35 - 48 °C.  This foot spa machine will turn off automatically after 30 minutes, although you can restart it easily enough.

Although the Ancheer foot spa machine does have wheels and a handle (which sits flush with the tub), it isn’t’ the easiest foot spa machine to manipulate.  Even with the drain, you probably only want to fill the water to the minimum level or just over.  Again, the Ancheer foot spa machine can be quite noisy when using the massage functions.  It is, however, nicely quiet while heating water.



The Arealer foot spa machine appears to be targetted at people who spend a lot of time on their feet and just want a foot spa machine which is essentially “plug and play”.  In addition to the bubbles, there is a massage roller, a rotating foot stone (basically a pumice) and an infra-red heating light.  Both the bubbles and the massage functions are mild-to medium in strength, but this does make the foot spa machine quieter to use.

There is no option to set the power, although you can choose how many of the functions you would like to have on at any given time.  You can also set the temperature (35 to 48 ℃) and the timer. 

At this price point, however, a few compromises do have to be made.  While you get a handle and an external drain, there is no dust cover and, rather more importantly, no wheels.  On the plus side, the tub is decently deep, so there’s minimal risk of splashing (when used correctly) and the cable is fairly long, so you have a good chance of being able to reach a plug without an extension cord.  Another, admittedly minor, gripe, is that some of the English wording on this product could do with a bit of improvement.

Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa

Beurer FB50

This Beurer foot spa machine is a little different from any of the other foot spa machines we’ve found.  Instead of having one or two large rollers, running horizontally across the tub, it has six smaller rollers running top to bottom (three on each side).  It also has eight infrared heating lights and six integrated magnets for magnetic field therapy.  The centre line has a space for three interchangeable pedicure attachments, which you activate by pressing down with your feet.  These are a brush, a pumice and a textured disc.

One of the ways in which the Beurer foot spa machine sets itself apart from the rest of the market is that in addition to the standard “bubbles-and-rollers” approach, you can also have a dry massage, using purely infrared heat.  Speaking of heat, the temperature range is 35 to 48 ℃ (with a choice of five levels) and the timer range is 20-60 minutes.

While the Beurer foot spa machine does look like it could fit in a professional spa, it does have some basic design issues.  Basically, it’s lacking a handle, a dust cover, wheels and, possibly most importantly of all, an external drain.  You empty it by tipping it upside down.  On the plus side, the control panel is really intuitive.

Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200

Massager FM200

The main tub in the Hangsun foot spa machine contains the obligatory bubble jets along with two rollers and four infra-red lights.  There are a further two rollers on the handle, although, honestly, we’re not really sure why.  It’s described as having magnets, but either we’ve missed something fairly major or this is an advertising error.  In either case, you can still have a dry massage with the infrared lights and the rollers.

The practicalities of using the Hangsun foot spa machine are a bit different from the practicalities of using most foot spa machines.  Basically, you fill the Hangsun water machine with hot water and then use a dial to select one of three modes.  You can use this foot spa machine for as long as you wish as it does an effective job of keeping the water hot.  If you’re worried about falling asleep, you can always set a timer on your mobile or an old-fashioned clock.

There is supposed to be an external drain, but again, either we missed it or this is an advertising error.  There aren’t any wheels either.  To be fair, the handle design actually is pretty comfortable to hold and seems very robust.  We guess everyone will have to take their own decision regarding how they feel about the weight and the prospect of splashing.

LIVIVO Deluxe Foot Spa


Although the Livivo foot spa machine is described as “deluxe”, it’s actually one of the most affordable foot spa machines we’ve found.  There is a reason for this.  The reason is that this foot spa machine is clearly aimed at people who want a foot spa machine for beauty and relaxation rather than for serious medical use.  The tub contains the compulsory bubble jets, two massage rollers and two infra-red heating lights.  Again, there are two additional rollers on the handle and again we’ve no idea why.

Using the Livivo foot spa machine really couldn’t be simpler.  It has three modes, 1 infrared and vibrate, 2 infrared, heat, bubbles and vibrate and 3 heat and bubbles.  If you want to use it with bubbles you fill it with water heated to the temperature of your choice and the foot spa machine will keep it warm for you.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, there’s no external drain, no wheels and no dust cover, but there is a very decent handle, which we think is up to taking the weight of carrying this foot spa machine when full.  The question is how you would feel about it.  Finally, we do have to say that we’re not exactly overwhelmed with enthusiasm for the bright pink top and massage rollers, but that’s a matter of taste.

MARNUR Foot Massager


We’re not totally sure that the Marnur foot massager actually qualifies as a foot spa machine, since it doesn’t use water, but we really like it so we’re going to include it anyway.  Basically warm water is replaced by air and the standard bubbles and massage tools are replaced with a specialist shiatsu massage tool.  Its functions include: pressing the ankle, compressing the foot top, rolling and needing the foot tip (including the toes), kneading and scraping the arch and kneading and pressing the heel.

Even though the Marnur foot spa machine is easily the most high-tech foot spa machine on our list, it’s actually very easy to operate.  You decide whether or not you want heat (it’s optional but it can help to relax the muscles), take your choice of three modes and then choose one of three levels of intensity.  That’s it.  There’s a 15-minute timer to help you keep within safe limits.

Speaking of which, we’d like to take this opportunity to emphasize that the Marnur foot spa machine is a serious piece of kit, which is capable of giving a far deeper massage than any other foot spa machine we’ve found.  Using it on higher levels of intensity can actually be painful, although it may still be what you need.  In other words, if you do opt for this foot spa machine, treat it with respect, start on the lower settings and increase them slowly, if you need to.  Above all, resist any temptation to extend the 15-minute massage period.

REVLON Pediprep Foot Spa and Pedicure Set


Revlon is best known for its cosmetic products, including a wide range of nail polishes.  This fact, together with the name “Pediprep” should make it fairly clear that this foot spa machine is firmly aimed at the beauty market.  In fact, it is literally intended to prepare your feet for a pedicure.  This is more than just marketing, it has actually influenced the design.

Basically, there are bubble strips on either side, but only one massage roller plus a pumice stone both of which are located on a footrest which is set in the centre of the foot spa machine, over the tub.  We don’t know if it’s also intended to function as a handle, but frankly, we wouldn’t risk it.  The basic idea is that you put your feet into the water to benefit from the bubbles and then take them out one at a time to give yourself a pedicure with the help of the footrest and the included set of pedicure accessories.

The Revlon foot spa machine takes simplicity of operation to a whole new level.  You fill it up with warm water and then just use the switch to turn it on and off.  That’s it and what’s more the switch is designed so that you can literally operate it with a toe.

There’s no external drain, wheels, dust cover or handle (that we’d trust), but this is Revlon so the overall build quality is pretty decent for the price.  Again, we’re not thrilled about the colour scheme but we can live with it.

Conclusion - Best foot spa machine

Honestly, we can’t really pick an overall best foot spa machine since these foot spa machines are all so very different.  What we would say is that if you’re specifically looking for a foot spa machine for an elderly person, we’d suggest the Acevivi, the Marnur or the Livivo, depending on your needs and budget.

Basically, if you want a foot spa machine to use with water, we’d suggest the Acevivi as we think it’s the safest option for more frail people.  If, however, you are happy to stick with infrared heat and vibration, then the Marnur or the Livivo would probably be good options thanks to their ease of use.  We’d have concerns about an elderly person using the Livivo for water-based massage due to the manual fill and the lack of an external drain or wheels, but these issues are negated if you’re just using it for dry massage.