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How it is calculated

To work out how much our Steam Showers, Sauna's, Whirlpool Baths or indeed any product costs to run, is a question of the amount of KW's or watts the item uses, multiplied by how long they are used and then multiply the cost per KW per hour you have on your utility bill

Let's break it down a little:

According to THIS WEBSITE HERE - the average cost per KW (1000 watts) is about £0.15p per hour at the time of writing

So, if a steam shower, for example, is 2.8KW's, to run it on full power for 1 hour the most it could ever cost you would be £0.42p

2.8 x 0.15 = £0.42 per hour

One thing to note is that in the case of a steam shower, they do not run constantly, only producing steam to 'top-up' the temperature and keep it constant once it has reached the user's desired temperature. So the actual cost is less than the above for a sauna session. (The above being the most severe possible if the shower doors were left open for example and the generator was constantly running which it does not)

Now let's look at some other example items:

The Vidalux 2 Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna is rated at 2300w (2.3kw) so given a running cost of the maximum setting of £0.35p per hour (2.3 x 0.15)

The Vidalux 4 person is 2800w and has a maximum running cost of just £0.42 per hour

You can apply the same calculation to any unit if you simply multiply to KW or Watts by the average cost per KW per hour

The Comparison

Gym membership - £40 per month
Fuel costs to get to the gym and the lost travel time

Cost of a pint of beer or glass of wine, your choice of branded face mask or moisturising cream........

The list is endless but the comparison of the benefits is not!! For more on the health rewards of any of our items, please visit our blog